From foundation to the 1950s

September 1948
  • Established SANSHIN MFG.CO.,LTD.
  • Developed "Filter Model S" independently and set course to become a manufacturer specializing in filters.
  • Developed a filter press and vacuum evaporator.
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  • Developed "Filter Model E" exclusively for plating solutions.
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  • Developed a filtration method using a filter aid, and applied for a patent.
April 1953
  • Became a stock company. Capital: 800,000 yen.
April 1955
  • Developed filter medium Model E (foliated alignment) .
  • Developed Filter Model 4K. Experienced an explosion in popularity.
  • Completed Filter Model L40 and Filter Model L30. These enabled filtration of large quantities at high speed.
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January 1959
  • Started research into plating rinse processes, as basic research for wastewater treatment.


April 1961
  • Received a prize of the Incentive Prize of the Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency on our filter (Model LF40) applicable to Filtration Promotion Act.
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May 1962
  • Delivered the first chromic acid concentration recovery machine.
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May 1965
  • Completed fully automatic cyanide wastewater treatment machine "NOCHIEN"
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January 1966
  • Received a prize of the Prime Minister's Prize from the National Federation of Small Business Associations.
September 1967
  • Developed coolant centralized filter.
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March 1968
  • Delivered integrated wastewater treatment equipment to "Katsushika metal plating factory apartment", the first plating housing complex in Japan.
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May 1971
  • Released an economical plating wastewater pollution prevention system(Econoback System), for use mainly in recovery.
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  • Received a prize of the 5th Medium and Small Business Research Institute award"(present "Good Company Award"), a national award.
December 1972
  • Completed a full automatic brine filtering system (closed filter system) with full circulation system by auto-supply and auto-recycling of filter aid, in salt water purification filtration.
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January 1973
  • Established Sumiko Kankyo Service Co., Ltd. through joint capital investment with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., etc.
  • Developed cylinder type ion exchanger "Patrone."
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April 1976
  • Established a Resource Center at Inuyama Factory.
  • Developed a rising thin film evaporator (Model LTV).
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August 1977
  • Developed atmospheric evaporation recovery unit "KANRY®".
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June 1978
  • Completed oil separating filter (FILTRATA-Oh Series).
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April 1981
  • Founding president Yoshiteru Yagishita decorated with "Yellow Ribbon Medal "in recognition of long-standing service in the field of invention.
April 1982
  • Evaporation recovery unit (Model LTV) became subject to energy saving taxation system.
September 1987
  • Developed "Model FDR" instantaneous back-pressure washing filter for plating solutions.
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November 1989
  • Number of patent applications exceeded 600.


November 1990
  • Founding president Yoshiteru Yagishita decorated with the Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure in recognition of his long-standing service in the field of invention.
  • Developed "Model FDR-2" integrated filter with backwash and cake dewatering mechanism.
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April 1991
  • Developed "SC Sepaner" specialty filter cloth with stripping layers of dewatered cake.
May 1993
  • Developed a filter system without filter aid.
  • Developed activated carbon molding filter medium "ROCARBO®".
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February 1995
  • Received the highest award in the management section at the Second Management Improvement Activities Contest hosted by the Small and Medium-Size Business Management Vitalization Committee in Nagoya.
September 1996
  • Established E.B.S.Patrone (MALAYSIA) SDN.BHD.
June 1997
  • Developed acid recovery system "Recyter".
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April 1998
  • Developed resin general-purpose clarifying filter "EcoAce", the main unit of which was molded in a die.
  • Developed MF film "EconoCross".
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  • Drastically improved cylinder type ion exchanger.
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July 2001
  • Obtained ISO 14001 international environmental management system standard certification.
February 2002
  • Developed low-cost decompression evaporator.
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January 2003
  • Established Shanghai representative office as a base for advancing into China.
  • Obtained ISO 9001 international quality management system standard certification.
March 2004
  • Officially designated as "a Corporate having Aichi Quality" in Aichi Prefecture.
  • Established Sanshin MFG (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
September 2005
  • Received a prize of the Global 100 Eco-Tech Award on our technology "Eco-plating by waste water-free treatment".
February 2007
  • Received a prize of the Silver Prize of Aichi Environmental Award on our "Recycling Center System" as the excellent business for resources environment and environmental load.
  • Developed new general-purpose filter "EcoAce® PLUS".
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June 2009
  • Closed-type atmospheric evaporator "KANRY®CLEAN" received an award from the Society of Separation Process Engineers at the 17th Technology Awards in FY 2009.
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March 2010
  • Developed on-site regeneration system "ECONOSELFY".
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  • Started doing business in even higher performance resource recovery systems, after being recognized as an effective and pioneering recycling business by Aichi Prefecture in FY2009.
  • "Resource Center System Business" recognized as an Aichi Eco-Town facility.
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February 2011
  • Founding president Yoshiteru Yagishita passed away at the age of 92.
  • Received the Thesis Award for FY2011 from the Surface Finishing Society of Japan.
April 2012
  • Absorbed Sanshin Maintenance Co., Ltd.
  • Received a prize of the President Prize of the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry at Resources Recycling Technology System Awards Ceremony.
March 2013
  • Established SANSHIN E.B.S. (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.
  • Company celebrated the 65th anniversary of its foundation.
April 2016
  • Received "2015 pioneering and efficient emissions related facility maintenance business" certification from Aichi prefecture, and also started an enhanced resource recovery system business.
  • Selected as "the most active small and medium-sized enterprises 300 in 2016" from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • We established Sanshin RCS East Japan Satellite in Tokyo as a new base for collecting regenerating ion exchange columns.
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February 2017
  • Developed Small-sized membrane filter "Patrone F".
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April 2018
  • A New cam lever was developed as a tool for opening and closing the lid of general-purpose filter "EcoAce® PLUS".
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  • Company celebrated the 70th anniversary of its foundation.
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July 2019
  • Relocated and expanded the subsidiary SANSHIN E.B.S. (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
January 2021
  • Cumulative shipments of wastewater treatment equipment have exceeded 10,000 units.
  • Our Business Continuity Enhancement Plan has been certified by the MITI.